‘Send Me’ versus mini-me

The trouble with good ideas is they often inspire mediocre imitation. When Ramaphosa sang ‘Send me’, the words, the context and force of the music and the re-framing of deployment as answering the call of the people, all gave the quote real emotional force. So then Malusi Gigaba’s speechwriter got in on the act…
Now, don’t get me wrong, Kendrick Lamar has some great lyrics. Him & Dre jammin’ on “everything you buy/ taxes will deny” might have worked brilliantly in this context. But “everything’s gonna be all right”? For a start it’s what songwriters call a floating lyric. It crops up everywhere. Do a word-search and you might find it in a thousand other songs. So not original; not worth attributing even to demonstrate that the Finance Minister is down with the kids.
And then there was that excruciating faux-American accent. That, I fear, was all Gigabyte’s own idea. Lame.
Please don’t do it again.

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